The college promotes the participation of students and faculty in Co-curricular activities to promote the expansion of education among the youth in the society, bring up brilliance in education of the students, the unity of students from all castes, creeds, cultures and status, and the upliftment of weak students irrespective of their family backgrounds.

  1. Every year certain camps of NCC and NSS are being organized.
  2. The students are encouraged to participate in visiting Science City, Museums, Participate in Cultural activity, Drama Competition, Sports and Games.
  3. The above Programmers are related to academic curricula and Saptadhara.

Contribution to Community Development.

  1. Blood Donation Camps by NSS and NCC cadets
  2. Plantation of green sapling by the college students under "Grow more Trees".
  3. Thalassaemia camp conducted by NSS with the co-operation of local medical professionals for healthy society.
  4. Yoga and Pranayama classes from Art of Living.
  5. Communication skill, Group discussion and Interview technique by our Teaching Staff to enable the students to get placement.
  6. Participation in the Consumer Protection and Care Programmes.

The following Committees manage different activities of the College.