President : Shri S. G. Desai, Principal

Convever: Dr. Shilpa B. Chhag

Member: Mr. R. Y. Mankad

Aims C.W.D.C.


“To prevent and deter the commission of  any act of harassment, including sexual harassment and to provide the procedure for resolution, settlement, or prosecution of acts of sexual harassment by taking all required steps. Women shall have right to gender equality and to work with dignity and to have working environment safe and protected from sexual harassment or abuse and appropriate work conditions in respect to health and hygiene."

The above cell is constituted under Hon. Supreme Court's, MHRD's, UGC"s, Human Right's Commission's directions. Guj. Uni. is the first among the Universities of Gujarat to constitute such a cell with a properly drafted legal policies ( prepared by Law Secretaries and Public Prosecutor and Govt. Pleader of Guj. High Court). The said policy has been approved by the A.C. and E.C. of Guj. Uni. Under WDC policy every college affiliated to Guj. Uni. has been advised to constitute a Collegiate Women's Development Committee with five members - The composition of CWDC has been prescribed in the WDC Policy.

Every year we welcome new students and give detailed information about CWDC and its functions.

Our students actively participate in all the programmes/activity organised by CWDC.

Celebrated CWDC Week in January, 2011 Exhibition Visit By Hon. District Judge G. K. Upadhyay, Principal and Lecturers

Field Visit

Rajy Kanuni Seva Satta Mandal, Ahmedabad

Glimps of Programmes Organised by CWDC

A Talk by Lady Psi Ms. Manisha Puvar on “How to be safe and How to get Help”.

Make a Poster Competition (03/02/2014)

Glimps of Programmes Organised by CWDC CWDC Poster Making Competition